Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nokia 1202/1280/1616 Dead Solution

The mechanism of the latest nokia phones like nokia 1280,nokia 1616 and  nokia 1680 etc. is very poor. They are not very good phones in all senses. Also the repairing work of these phones is very hard. Sometimes these phones get Dead automatically, and we are unable to find the exact reason. We try to repair them in many ways.
To find the exact reason of “No Power On”, please follow the below steps:
  1. First of all check the phone for liquid damage, and so, then clean the whole PCB and charging connector. Then Check.
  2. If problem not solved in first step, try to connect the phone with any Flashing Box like uFs, ATF etc. If  TX,RX ok and phone giving info, then just change the LCD. Phone will be Power On 100%.
  3. If phone not connecting on any BOX, then just Rehot the CPU and Power IC.
In almost 99% of these phones, the problem is solved by changing the LCD. We think that if LCD is dead, then either the Backlight should be on or at least Incoming-Outgoing or Key Tone should come. But there is no such syndications in these phones if the LCD gets Shot. So try to change the LCD only.

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